Who said digital paper is not eco friendly?


Sysnet's Snagmaster™ Defect Management System helps reduce CO2 emissions.

In Foresthill, Aberdeenshire a multimillion pound Biomass Energy Centre is being built by NHS Grampian with the express aim of reducing CO2 emissions by 17% and reducing energy costs by around 2 million each year.
Snagmaster™ will be used during the construction and handover phases to ensure that tasks are prioritised, defects closed out and sub-contractors managed effectively.

Snagmaster™ is the only construction defect management system in the world to use digital pen and paper as it's data entry medium.

All digital paper forms used by Snagmaster™ incorporate paper from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved sources, which means that not only is the paper eco-friendly, but also has a very low carbon footprint.

It also helps the environment directly, as a percentage from each project goes towards sustaining the UK's FSC forests.

Peter Burtwistle, Product Manager for Snagmaster™ says "This is a real win-win project, where we have an environmentally friendly technology being used to help reduce emissions."

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