Pen still mightier than the PDA


A recent business survey shows that pen and paper is still the number one data entry method for the majority. Sysnet's offers a practical way to let tradition meet technology.

Companies and organisations around the world today are still largely dependent on pen and paper as a means of collecting and recording information.
In a recent survey to determine how popular the use of paper is in the area of data capture, 86% of companies reported paper forms as their primary data capture medium, highlighting just how dependent our society is on paper based forms.

Paper based forms, though flexible, are notoriously unproductive because the information is generally doubled handled due to the need to re-key it into an electronic database system of one form or another.

75% of respondents stated that they would be interested in a solution that would enable their employees to digitally capture handwriting and automatically transmit the data to a back-end database. Such a system would reduce the double handling of information and would significantly reduce the time taken to capture data.

Peter Burtwistle, Managing Director of Anoto Gold Partner, Sysnet says "It's clear no matter where you look that users love pen and paper - particularly users who are not technically adept, or those whose working environment prohibits the use of technology. The challenge is to develop effective data gathering applications based on digital paper forms. Paper and pen are extremely flexible for the user but provide limited feedback. A database system on the other hand is very rigid in the input it requires and tells you what you are doing wrong. Our skill is in balancing the needs of the user with the needs of the database and working from there. A good form design and handwriting conversion model will be rewarded by efficient workflow, low errors and few exceptions, resulting in a fast flow of information from paper to database, with little or no change to existing operational practice."

Sysnet's Anoto certified Digital Pen and Paper Management System (DPPMS),, is a state of the art system specifically designed for cost effective rollout of digital pen systems.

Working on a simple pricing model, places effective digital pen and paper solutions within the reach of SMEs, charities and local authorities previously put off by complex pricing structures that are prevalent in the market.

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