Sysnet help take the Bible into the 21st century....


The Scottish Bible Society and Sysnet join forces to create the first EVER online handwritten Bible.

2011 is a memorable year which is going to be celebrated by Christians worldwide as it marks the 400th year since the creation of The King James Bible.
Throughout the UK numerous events and programs have been organised to mark the 400th anniversary. Sysnet is excited to be involved in the celebration and is delighted to announce that we will be working with The Scottish Bible Society to create the world's FIRST EVER digital bible.

Two vans "scriptmobiles" will tour Scotland, England and Wales gathering verses from members of the public across the land.

People will be invited to write a selected passage on a specially designed digital verse page. The handwritten verses will be transferred to Sysnet's smartformcentral™ processing servers and the transferred to The People's Bible website via mobile phone and be available online within seconds.

The scripting will be coordinated using iPads and specific Apps to record the scriptor's details and present them with their verses.

The People's Bible will be launched at a gala event in Edinburgh Castle on King James Birthday on the 19th June.