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Mixipix and Sysnet Make Messaging Magnificent

Glasgow, August 25th. Sending animated cartoon messages to mobile phones has become incredibly easy – and amazingly cool – thanks to Penpix, a new service created by cartoon messaging company mixipix and mobile technology company Sysnet.
Using some of the most advanced technology in the world today, Nokia Digital Pen owners can now select and send animated cartoon messages to mobile phones with one stroke of a pen.

Mixipix and Sysnet have created a range of notepads for use with Nokia's Digital Pen. Each pad shows a number of the cartoons created by mixipix. Instead of visiting the mixipix website, users simply tick the cartoon they wish to send, choose an accompanying message on the pad and write the mobile phone number to send it to. The Nokia Digital Pen and your mobile phone do the rest.

The technology behind the system is staggeringly complex and really kind of clever. Each pad is made of a sophisticated form of paper, with an internal structure so complicated that you could wrap up the entire planet seven times, before the pattern repeats itself. The Nokia Digital Pen uses this paper to accurately track every single mark the user makes and can then automatically send this information through a mobile phone to create an incredible range of new services.

The mixipix branded notepads will be available directly from Sysnet. Messages sent via the notepads will cost 1.50, the same cost as sending a message via the company's website.

Lesley Keen, the Managing Director of mixipix, said, “We're absolutely delighted to be working with Sysnet to take mixipix cartoon messaging into an entirely new area. When you see this system actually working, it's like magic. You tick a couple of boxes, select a little message and in seconds a cartoon message arrives on your phone. It's incredible and great fun. Our goal with mixipix has always been to make it as accessible and simple to use as possible. Working with Sysnet has allowed us to make sending a cartoon message even simpler than writing a birthday card. Forget personal jet packs and dinner in pill form, this is now officially the future.”

Dr Peter Burtwistle, the Managing Director of Sysnet, said, “Digital pen and paper technology has the potential to revolutionise many areas of business, by allowing all sorts of natural interfaces to be built for all manner of systems. However, finding ways to use this technology to create new and interesting services that consumers will want to use will be where the real creativity is required. Mixipix's cartoon messages are a perfect example where an online service can be turned into a convenient and easily understood pad which can be carried around in the user's pocket and used whenever and wherever they wish.”
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