Killer application turns killer - Discard your eMail at your peril!


Sysnet present intelligent mailroom technology to help companies store vital eMail communications that they may later rely on in court.

eMail, a killer application, is so simple and immediate that information flows through organisations at a rapid pace.
Without adequate controls and systems in place over half this information will be locked away in personal mail files or dumped without adequate filing.

Companies are now facing the consequences of their actions.

Six brokerage firms including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Merill Lynch and Deutsche Bank are facing penalties over up to 6.4m for failing to retain emails which could be used as evidence in court proceedings.

In theses cases email deletion is been seen as "destruction of evidence" and will be treated in the a same manner as shredding of paper documents.

As the business community embraces email as a replacement to paper based correspondence, legislation is catching up and is looking to enforce the use of email as an official means of communication that must be retained.

Sysnet are helping companies police the storage and preservation of email through their intelligent filing technology, known as "Mailroom", which allows documents that arrive by fax, scanner and email to be filed automatically within company systems.

Mailroom is combined with Sysnet's own brand document management solution, Sysdox, and can also be integrated with companies existing data capture systems or filing structure.

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