Scotland’s Sysnet is final link in the delivery chain for global digital pen and paper standard and services launched today in the UK


Glasgow based Sysnet has been selected as the lead UK partner to deliver the new digital pen and paper standard which allows anything written or drawn to be sent via mobile phone to any computer anywhere in the world.

Sysnet joins Sony Ericsson, Esselte and 3M in the UK. Together they will deliver the end-to-end service for the new standard, which was created by Sweden’s Anoto AB.
The digital pen, made by Sony Ericsson, looks and writes like an ordinary pen but incorporates a digital camera and Bluetooth wireless technology and is used with digital paper that bears a unique pattern that can be printed on virtually any surface. The digital pen then transmits the image to the recipient via mobile phone and the Internet.

The ‘Standard Services Light’ service being launched in the UK today provides a digital notes and graphical email service to consumers and end users, but the core technology is of particular benefit in the enterprise environment where data is normally subject to manual input.

“The potential for this technology is almost limitless,” explained Peter Burtwistle, Managing Director of Sysnet. “For example, doctors will be able to send prescriptions to pharmacies as they are written and have their signatures verified electronically as it happens. Police officers can transfer the contents of their notebooks to the station immediately for analysis and safe storage.

“In the corporate arena, any process that requires manual keying into databases can use the Anoto functionality to improve its efficiency. Engineers and architects can send complex illustrations or notes instantaneously. There is a literally a world of possibilities using the new global standard and we’re looking forward to being a key player in the UK for its adoption.”

Sysnet has been involved with the development of the new technology since 1999 and has already developed a ‘Digital Organiser’ in partnership with Franklin Covey in the USA to exploit the new technology. The Digital Organiser, which is also being launched this month, enables the transfer of handwritten information to personal information management tools such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook.

“Sysnet’s enthusiasm and experience in the technology made it an obvious choice as our UK partner to lead the roll out of the new standard,” explained Kjell Glorvigen, UK Country Facilitator for Anoto AB.

“With its development, distribution and technical expertise Sysnet’s new role will be as the UK distributor for Standard Services Light and to partner with other software development companies to enable them to adopt the Anoto standard and create their own applications and new revenue streams.“

Healthcare, engineering and retail related applications have already been developed in advance of the launch, which illustrate the range of potential uses for the new standard.

“The simplicity of use and the impressive companies supporting it means that the Anoto standard is going to have a major and immediate impact on consumer and enterprise information transfer applications,” said Peter Burtwistle, Managing Director of Sysnet.

“Wisely, Anoto has made sure that every piece of the delivery chain was in place before launch and it’s our job now to drive this new opportunity home to application developers and users in the UK.”

Sysnet is currently developing solutions for companies including Marks and Spencers, Oaksmere and Morris and Spottiswood. Sysnet has also already partnered with a number of software development companies including Walker Martyn Software to assist them to develop their own products for their blue chip clients.

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