Anoto Functionality Conference and Exhibition 27th March 2003, London


Bringing like-minded customers and partners together to take digital communication to new heights - register today at

Gain business efficiency through digital pen and paper

You've HEARD about it, you've READ about it, we've TALKED about it, now SEE the technology in action.

Through this event Anoto is bringing its ever-increasing network of UK Partners and customers together to share ideas, applications and developments with the purpose of taking digital communication to new heights.

Developed by Swedish high-tech company Anoto AB, the Anoto Functionality enables anything written or drawn to be sent via a mobile phone to any computer or computer system, anywhere in the world. Local synchronisation options are also available.

In partnership with Sony Ericsson, Logitech, 3M and IBM we are bringing companies like yourself enabling technologies to introduce a mobile interface to your back-end processes.

If you have paper based information processes that requires keying into databases, then the Anoto Functionality can be customised to introduce a mobile interface to your applications.

Documents such as exam papers, insurance forms, mortgage applications, survey documents, delivery notes, insitu testing, site instructions, crime notes, meeting reports and signed information can all be managed and enhanced by the Anoto Functionality.

Further information on the Anoto Functionality in the UK is available through