Sysnet's seminar series breaks the mould


Fed up being given the latest product sales pitch. Come along to the Technology in Business Forum for something different

Developed by Sysnet and delivered in partnership with IBM, customers and industry leaders "Technology in Business" follows a seminar format that provides value to the local business community through education and interaction.
Hear about solutions that have worked, communicate with your peers in a group environment, put your questions to the experts and contribute to the body of knowledge on your chosen topic.

Through a combination of presentations, demonstrations, group exercises and an interactive Q&A forum each event de-bunks technology and provides ideas and solutions to help you take your business forward.

The forum takes shape through 6 topical events running from June - November 2003 with a Christmas special (well party!!) in December.

19th June Mobility and Wireless

31st July Knowledge Management

27th August Integration

30th September Internet, Intranet and Extranet

30th October Business Solutions

27th November Collaboration

4th December Christmas Celebration

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