CES Microcare is 'Winning at the Web'


Sysnet's Digital Pen and Paper Solution up for Top Web Award

The adoption of a digital pen and paper SMARTFORM application by CES Microcare, a service engineering firm for commercial microwave ovens, has netted the company a finalist place in the 'Winners at the Web' eBusiness awards.
SMARTFORMS are digitally enabled business forms which transfer handwritten information electronically using digital pen and paper technology.

"With their SMARTFORM solution CES have removed three stages in their service process and are getting information from their engineering team back to the office much faster. We are delighted that CES are receiving recognition for their use of innovative technology to achieve new levels of customer service through reduced waiting times for parts, smarter scheduling and better productivity of admin processes" Says Peter Burtwistle

W@W is an annual eBusiness award programme for Scottish businesses organised by Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise. Winning companies receive 2000 for each category with an impressive 10,000 prize pot for being the overall 'Winner at the Web'.

CES Microcare is one of three companies in the 'Best use of Mobile and Wireless technology' category, which highlights companies using mobile and/or wireless technologies to enable their own or their clients organisation to operate more effectively.

The 'Winners and the Web' awards will be announced at the offical W@W dinner at the Glasgow Hilton hotel on the 19th September.