Sysnet and Vision Objects collaborate to bridge the gap between tradition and technology


The Auld Alliance between Scotland and France is still strong as shown this week with the European launch of a unique software application, which bridges the gap between paper diaries and computer systems.

This amazing leap in usability has been achieved through collaboration between Sysnet, a Scottish software company, with French companies Vision Objects, specialising in handwriting recognition technology and Groupe Hamelin, the producer of the Oxford range of paper products.

Developed by Sysnet, the digitaldiary is a paper diary enabled by Anoto functionality, that when written on with a digital pen transfers handwritten information into Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes.

The software not only recognises appointments but translates the user's handwriting too.

The digitaldiary will be marketed by paper partner Groupe Hamelin under the name Oxford Easybook:7 digitaldiary' and will work with the new Nokia and Logitech digital pens.

Sysnet has worked closely with Vision Objects to incorporate MyScript
® handwriting recognition technology as a key feature of the digitaldiary. MyScript® supports the recognition of isolated characters, handprint and cursive handwriting which means no user training is required. Translation to text is achieved very simply without the need to change handwriting style or teach the system to recognise the unique idiosyncrasies of the user.

“Without the ability to automatically populate appointments on the PC with text the digitaldiary wouldn’t have the same impact. People are looking for ways to remove the need to constantly update both their paper and their PC based systems. The digitaldiary does just that, but it doesn’t stop there – we can use this technology with any paper-based business process." said Peter Burtwistle, Managing Director of Sysnet.

An initial 5000 units will be bundled with Nokia digital pens and sold in the UK through mobile phone outlets, such as Carphone Warehouse, and major retails outlets including WH Smiths. With multi-language support the digital organiser and pen is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian and retails at £249.95 (including the Nokia digital pen).

This is Sysnet’s second organizer application in the marketplace with a major paper partner the first being Franklin Covey’s iScribe currently selling well in the US. With a further two diary products waiting in the wings it will be an exciting year for all concerned.

Sysnet was founded in the late 1980's and is a UK software solutions provider for b2b and consumer markets. Sysnet delivers award winning information management solutions with an emphasis on knowledge capture and productivity. As an Anoto Enablement Partner, Sysnet create end to end solutions using digital pen and paper technology. UK businesses are working with Sysnet to develop custom solutions to streamline their business operations and improve bottom-line results.

Vision Objects
Vision Objects is a software company headquartered in Nantes, France, with sales offices in Paris and San Francisco. Vision Objects mission is to develop and market high performance Handwriting Recognition software for pen based user interfaces and data entry automation. Vision Objects goal is to increase customer satisfaction with pen-based interfaces for mobile computing and communication devices (Digital Pen, PDA, Tablet PC, Smartphone), and to generate savings through the automation of data entry for document and forms processing. Vision Objects innovative MyScript® Technology is available for several languages and for all major device platforms and operating systems.

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