Sysnet writes itself into digital future


Glasgow-based Sysnet has been selected as the lead UK partner to delviery the new digital pen and paper standard which allows anything written of drawn to be sent via mobile phone to any computer anywhere in the world

Sysnet joins Sony Ericsson, Esselte and 3M in the UK. It will deliver the end-to-end service for the new standard, which was created by Sweden's Anoto AB. The digital pen, made by Sony Ericsson, looks and writes like an ordinary pen but incorporates a digital camera and Bluetooth' wireless technology and is used with digital paper that bears a unique pattern that can be printed on virtually any surface. The digital pen then transmits the image to the recipient via mobile phone and the internet.
The 'Standard Services Light' service provides a digital notes and graphical mail service to consumers and end users, but the core techology is of particular benefit in the enterprise environment where data is normally subject to manual input.

"The potential is almost limitless." explained Peter Burtwistle, managing director of Sysnet. "Doctors will be able to send prescriptions to pharmacies as they are written and have their signatures verified electronically. Police officers can transfer the contents of their notebooks to the station immediately for analysis."

This article featured on the front cover of the Business Headline launch issue.