Please take note this is the future


It would make James Bond want to eat his heart out

Even 007 may be surprised to learn that a digital pen created by a Glasgow company can read the pattern of dots it makes on paper thanks to an inbuilt camera.
It can then talk to a mobile phone by radio and after that, the mobile talks to the computer on the Internet, which tells the pen what to do with the information.

Peter Burtwistle, from developers Sysnet, said: 'Companies that have a field force out on the road will be able to use the paper interface to feed in information straight into a database - without a computer screen or keyboard - just simply using pen and paper.'

The software company was founded ten years ago and has just 23 staff.

However, it hopes to be the final link in the chain in delivering a new service to companies dealing with information overload. The company hopes the pen will enable engineers to send drawings and notes instantaneously, meaning they can tick boxes as they make an inspection.

It is also hoped doctors will be able to send prescriptions to pharmacies and police officers can deliver their notebooks to the station for analysis and storage.

The storage and processing of information has become one of the biggest businesses in the world.