Sysnet 'COMIT' to mobile working with Construction


Sysnet partners with industry members to assess mobile communications on construction sites

Sysnet is working with a group of over 30 construction based organisations examining and testing the use of communications on construction sites using various types of mobile technology.
Codenamed COMIT (Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT) and backed by the DTi, the objective of the group is to establish a sustainable community that is able to facilitate and realise benefits from the adoption of mobile technologies by the construction industry.

The project will document existing information-flow and communication processes and, as a result, will produce reference sites detailling these processes and recommending improvements that can be made by using mobile technology.

Sysnet's digital pen and paper solution has been selected as one of six references to be turned into an official COMIT case study for publishing later in 2004.

The COMIT community is lead by ARUP, BSRIA and Loughborough University and includes technology providers, existing users, research establishments and dissemination providers. Each member will contribute to the development of a number of demonstration projects, and activities will focus on practical application in the work environment to achieve the greatest business benefit from each.

"Sysnet is well placed to provide the necessary information management and mobile technologies. Our experience of the industry and of relevant technology like the our digital pen and paper solutions will prove invaluable." said Peter Burtwistle, Managing Director Sysnet.

"The COMIT project is valued at 1.6m and we are delighted to be a part of it. It's great when a technology company like ourselves is recognised as being able to contribute alongside key industry players, and it provides us with the perfect opportunity to give something back to an industry that has been very good to us."