Construction specialists team-up to produce the final link in the information management chain


g2 Metrix™, performance management portal for managing all aspects of business activity from people to processes, buildings, contracts and businesses.

Sysnet was selected by G2 Business Services to design and deliver a web based solution to manage service delivery across multiple functions and disparate locations. Traditionally a very difficult area to manage.
"Sysnet's reputation of introducing innovative technology to the construction sector led us to investigate what could be done to turn our established and trusted performance management technique into a practical online service" commented Graham Wylie, Director of G2 Business Services.

"Our mutual connection with Glasgow Caledonian University acted as the catalyst to bring our companies together to capitalise on months of research. The result is g2 Metrix™ a powerful web-based system that enables companies to maximise their business data to trigger growth and improved performance."

Currently deployed within the fast growing mobile communications sector g2 Metrix™ biggest potential lies in controlling managed services and facilities management contracts in the property sector.

"For Sysnet g2 Metrix™ is a complementary product to their Sysdox suite of information management products. Our strategy of "convenience enables compliance" is common across a series of innovative applications which help companies to capture, manipulate and manage information at all stages of the construction process." explained Peter Burtwistle, Managing Director of Sysnet.

"g2 Metrix™ will also be integrated with our digital pen and paper solutions for data capture, increasing its business value even further. We are delighted to have been involved with such a ground breaking project and one that will develop beyond its current form over the next 12 months."

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