Construction industry to benefit from Anoto enabled Snag Manager


A resolution to the age old problem of capturing information from remote works often in hostile environments.

Over the last ten years the construction industry has made dramatic advances in its use of IT but one area has still remained elusive – the successful management of paper-based information gathered on site.
Sysnet Snag Manager is an innovative and practical way to manage site based snagging. Avoiding expensive and unwieldy devices Snag Manager uses pen and paper enabled by Anoto Functionality.

Sysnet Snag Manager changes nothing onsite. Snags are still logged where they need to be logged – onsite, using pen and paper. The difference is that the snagging information is automatically entered into the Snag Manager system, which is then used to categorise and delegate snags and manage the entire snagging process.

Snags are then actioned and signed off, again using pen and paper to record this and, again, Snag Manager is automatically updated.

A powerful central database holds the data and is accessed via the Internet using a web-browser. Snag Manager is hosted securely at Sysnet’s offices, and access is controlled by password.

Sub-contractors and managers manage their snags using a set of comprehensive reports, which can be printed for immediate use on site, or emailed to those that require them.

The Sysnet Snag Manager database includes analysis of snags due, remedial work, mis-issues, misallocations and completions. Sub-contractors, locations and trade packages are all user-definable and they can be configured to suit virtually any contract.

It removes the need to manually key-in data - data is recordd once, onsite, not in the office.

The Internet allows all parties to access their data securely and the power of email sends automatic alerts to those who require them. The system makes snagging information available faster than ever before.

Snag Manager is supplied on a rental basis for the duration of the snagging period. Startup costs include the supply of branded digital paper-pads, branding of the system for your company or project and configuring the system for your project. Digital pens are supplied separately and can be used on multiple or subsequent projects.

Sysnet Snag Manager operates a five step snagging process:- The snag is identified and logged, a digital pen automatically enters snag into Snag Manager using the snag pad, the Snag Supervisor assigns and issues snag lists to sub-contractor. Finally the sub-contractor actions snag and feeds back via paper action pad which automatically updates the system and then the clerk of works inspects completed snags and signs off or reissues as required. System is automatically updated from approval pad.

Source: Prospect, Architecture and Design, March 2004.