Sysnet provide an array of accessories for Nokia Digital Pen owners


Get the most out of your digital pen with The Digital Writing Kit

Sysnet are pleased to announce the launch of The Digital Writing Kit. An ideal companion product for those who have already purchased the Nokia Digital Writing Solution or already own a Nokia Digital Pen. This kit allows pen owners to get the most out of their pen.
Retailing at 79.99 inc. VAT the kit consists of:

MyScript Notes handwriting recognition software

Black n’ Red A4 notebook

Black n’ Red A7 pocketbook

Filofax undated diary and notepaper for your Filofax Personal Organiser

PenpointTM Locator

It also supports the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and German, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese and Dutch.

At present, the solution is available over the web via

Don’t hesitate and order online today!

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