Pen Pals


Sysnet opens another page for The Nokia Digital Pen

Glasgow-based Sysnet has taken another step forward in their quest to become a leading provider of mobile and pervasive solutions by securing a major Symbian development project with Nokia.
The project places Sysnet at the hub of an international development team that includes handwriting recognition experts Vision Objects and the inventors of the digital pen and paper technology, Anoto AB.

Sysnet will produce a comprehensive range of Symbian applications for Series 60 and Series 80 mobile devices that will use the processing power of the handset to interpret and transmit the Nokia Digital Pen's strokes without the need for a centrally run service.

"This approach allows much greater flexibility in the creation of pen-based solutions", says Jukka Hieta, Nokia's Development Manager for Mobile Enhancements at Nokia "Which in turn, makes the Nokia Digital Pen even more suitable as a cost-effective business solution, building on our current success. It also opens up new markets to us and the integration with the handset simplifies things for future generations of this technology".

The PenPAL suite contains five components;

An operating system which will form the operating platform and logic used by the digital pen

A messaging application which will allow handwritten information to be sent directly from the mobile device as email, MMS or SMS and interacts with the phone's address book

A digital organiser application which will allow users to use Filofax's digital diary paper to manage the calendar on their mobile device

A simple business forms application that will allow users to create their own workflow solutions using the digital pen

A software development kit (SDK) to allow third party developers to integrate the pen with their own applications

"Our approach integrates the pen and the handset more than ever before. Previously, the handset was used simply as a GPRS modem, but with PenPAL the integration of other handset based services and instant user feedback are all built in", says Alan Hamilton, Sysnet's Technical Director.

The suit will be released in March and is compatible with Nokia business devices such as the Nokia 9300 and 9500 high-end Communicator. Aimed at the SME market as a professional business improvement solution for people and processes, Nokia Enterprise Solutions will offer the PenPAL software and the Nokia Digital Pen with the Nokia 9500 Communicator device.

For Sysnet, this project lets them further capitalise on their experience in the mobile and pervasive solutions sector.

"By shipping an estimated 100 million new developer platform devices in 2004, Nokia has provided a tremendous opportunity to developers seeking to create profitable businesses in the mobile solutions industry, says Peter Burtwistle, Sysnet's Managing Director, With an active community of more than one million mobile developers, we see our PenPAL suite as providing digital pen development capabilities to the entire community".