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Sysnet's Smartform™ Solution Reaches Finals at Forth Valley Business Awards 2005

Sysnet’s Smartform™ Solution received recognition at the annual Forth Valley Business Awards in April thanks to Sysnet customer,CES Microcare, being one of three finalists in the ‘Award for E-Business’ category.
The annual Forth Valley awards are set to recognise and reward the achievements of businesses in Central Scotland.

By implementing the mobile Smartform™ solution, CES Microcare has able considerably improved its business performance in a practical yet, innovative way.

CES Microcare is a service and repair company of commercial microwave ovens for catering organisations including Burger King, KFC, Tesco, Subway and Costa Coffee. Due to the advancement of premises and facilities management, up to the minute information and customer reporting has become an essential requirement. In order to retain customers and keep competitive, CES Microcare had to find a way to update and report information from site quickly and proactively.

From visiting a customer to sending an invoice was taking between 10 and 14 days. CES Microcare turned to mobile and wireless technology to provide them with a cost-effective solution that genuinely increased their competitiveness.

After trialling a PDA solution, which proved to be unsuitable for their hostile and dirty working environment, CES Microcare came across Smartforms™, a practical solution that captures handwritten information using digital pen and paper. It is rugged, can be rough-handled, is efficient and non-intrusive.

In such a competitive environment, it is important for CES Microcare to safeguard their position as a leading player, which they believe they have done by using Smartforms™.

The technology has improved operational efficiency, staff productivity, added to their bottom line and helped them to maintain and grow their customer base. With a 400% ROI in the first 12 months, they have also saved a considerable amount on the bottom line.

CES Microcare’s MD, Malcolm Skinner says, "We were delighted to have reached the finals of these awards which further confirms that our investment in mobile technology, and in particular Smartforms™, has been worthwhile. I am always open to new ways to improve things and will be taking things to a new level later this year by integrating our Smartforms™ with the job management system"