Lifelong learning initiative for student retention goes live


The first of its kind in Scotland, is a ground-breaking client centered website, which plays an integral part in a nation-wide initiative to increase student retention within further education in Scotland.

The Scottish Further Education Funding Council invested 330,000 in the development of the 2LC concept, of which the website is the public interface.
The online system has been crafted by a consortium, led by Jewel and Esk Valley College and including West Lothian College, Stevenson College, Edinburgh's Telford College, Oatridge College, Careers Scotland and Standard Life.

Technology partner, Sysnet, eSolutions providers, developed 2LC in close collaboration with representatives of the conrsortium in guidance, marketing, project management and careers development.

The 2LC online system was built using standard Internet protocols, Java and Cascading Style Sheets with a robust back-end database based on IBM DB2 Universal Database.

To enable all individuals to have the same user experience the website design and structure also conforms to accessibility standards for users with disabilities, including BOBBY and CAST.

2LC provides appropriate information and methods of self assessment, allowing potential students to reach the stage of attending guidance interviews with a clearer understanding of their aims and situation.

Users can dip into the site or work their way through the various sections, exercises and quizzes to build up an understanding of their learning needs, preferred learning style, appreciation of their available time and funding and, as a result, book-mark courses most appropriate to their needs and circumstance.

In June 2002 2LC is focused on colleges within the West Lothian area of Scotland. Over the next 6 months the website will be rolled out to other local colleges within Scotland, as well as learning intermediaries such as libraries, career centres, schools and caring organisation. As a website 2LC is very accessible and through intermediaries the colleges are increasing the number of channels available for reaching potential students.

Student retention will be measured over the next twelve months in line with the implementation of 2LC and other like-minded initiatives