Anoto development toolkit for Logitech ioPen launched in UK.


At a development workshop held at Logitech’s HQ in Slough, UK Anoto AB launched the software development kit (SDK) for the Logitech ioPen.

The kit was showcased by Anoto and top UK partner Sysnet to the UK’s Anoto developer community at a half day workshop on the 6th June.

The ioPen SDK makes it possible to create paper based applications that function without the need for an internet connection.

Developers that attended walked away with a copy of the Software Development Kit in their hands and in addition were treated to sneek peak at what is coming next by Petter Ericsson - the inventor of the Anoto pattern.

The event was also attended by representatives from Logitech Switzerland who are looking at the UK partner network as a model for their own market.

Sysnet will distribute SDK for the ioPen, as well as forthcoming network based Software Development Kits and a revised Graphical Design Kit in UK and Ireland, and will be the first line help desk for the products.