Sysnet offer digital paper Smartforms™ to business community


Sysnet has launched three paper based applications for businesses with mobile workforces who rely on paper based processes.

Known as “Smartforms™” the suite consists of three applications of varying functionality.

The most basic, SmartformIMAGE™ allows any paper form to be digitised and used with a digital pen and mobile phone to transfer the form electronically to any email account anywhere in the world in around 20 seconds at the tick of a box.

The other applications offer increasing functionality by adding simple logic to the digital form via checkboxes and handwriting recognition.

Sysnet offer a fixed price startup cost for the design, printing and hosting of the form. Timescales for implementation can be as short as one week including printing. For users, prices start at 14.99 per user per month.

“The Smartforms™ suite is for small businesses or departments who wish to streamline a few paper based processes quickly and cheaply” says Peter Burtwistle, Managing Director of Sysnet. “For larger implementations we prefer to look at the solution with the customer and help them benefit from the economies of scale that quantity can bring”.