Digital pen and paper interfaced to home management systems


Anoto partners collaboration project lights up

A collaboration between Anoto partners has led to a world first in the creation of a paper interface for home control systems.
Developers at Sysnet and the University of Stirling have produced a working interface between digital pen and paper and an OSGi home control system.

Brought together by the Electronics Design Centre, a part of the DTi funded Scottish Technology Support Centre the teams at Sysnet and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science worked together to produce a paper and software interface to an OSGi server which was used to control lights and fans and perform timed operations.

"When you talk about the adoption of networked applications and services by home-based users then there is nothing that will beat pen and paper as a natural interface" says Peter Burtwistle, MD of Sysnet. "The possibilities are endless."

"This project has been really exciting for us and breaks a lot of barriers. When you think that cars like the BMW 7 Series have OSGi technology built in, we could now have mechanics using digital pens to communicate with the in-car computer during a service".

Sysnet and Stirling University will continue working with together to create productised software components for OSGi servers.

You can see a short video of the interface and digital pens in action at:

And learn more about OSGi here: