Sysnet strategy takes shape with Sysdox redevelopment


Sysnet is to undertake a major redevelopment of it's flagship Sysdox product to embrace new document management techniques, social networking and knowledge management.

As part of a strategic move to increase revenues from products and open new markets, Sysnet is to produce a new, innovative software application, based on the `Sysdox` product concept.
Sysdox, one of Sysnet's longest standing and most successful products, is an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), and is used to capture the multitude of communications and information that surround projects.

Currently suitable for and targeted at the construction industry, extensive development will take place to create a new software package, which will retain the `Sysdox` branding and core philosophies.

The new application will be attractive to additional markets and incorporate Web 2.0 techniques and the latest mobile technology. The relatively new techniques of document semantics and correspondence analytics will be researched and the resulting algorithms incorporated to differentiate the system as a predictive knowledge centric tool as opposed to simple correspondence repository.

The project will commence in September, and employ a dedicated team.