The People's Bible - Journey's End


Sysnet attend Royal handover service at Westminster Abbey with HRH Queen Elizabeth

Sysnet took part in an historic ceremony at Westminster Abbey to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the King James Edition of the Bible and formally hand over "The People's Bible" to the Queen.
Consisting of more than 43,000 verses the People's Bible is the world's first digital handwritten bible - handwritten by members of the UK public between July and November, using Anoto digital pen and paper technology and Sysnet's Smartformcentral™ digital form processing software.

Touring the country from July to September the People's Bible Tour covered 17,428 miles and placed the digital pens in front of 22,000 people from all walks of life, who, in combination with database, iPad, smartphone, digital pen and specially designed digital verse forms, were able to write two verses uniquely attributable to them personally, and have those published for posterity on the internet.

The People's Bible is a joint venture between the Scottish Bible Society and the Bible Society in England and Wales.

Read about and see more of the Westminster ceremony online at the BBC website here.

View the People's Bible online here.