Twelve months of Going Green


Over 20 tonnes of CO2 saved, better work-life balance and some cash in hand for Sysnet staff.

Sysnet celebrates a year of remote working this week. Introduced to make a contribution to the environment and help with the work-life balance of its team, some who have young families, Sysnet took the plunge in June last year.
Staff were given the opportunity to work at home for most of the time and benefit from the associated time and cash savings by eliminating their commute.

The results has been impressive and over twenty tonnes of CO2 has been saved over the year. Travel time for staff has been virtually eliminated with an average of 55 hours each week being saved across the board.

A cash saving has been enjoyed by each member of the team, too, with the average spend on fuel reducing by around 1500 a year.

Tools such as instant messaging and screen-sharing have helped plus the fact that Sysnet has always been very strong on systems and procedures for storing and sharing information, including code, time-recording, correspondence, purchasing and invoicing. Such systems are essential when you are not sitting next to the paper.

"Distance is no object" says David Miller, a Senior Developer, "we have been servicing customers and projects from Norway to Australia and were used to working remotely with them. Home-working just takes it a step further. We actually talk a lot more than we did when we were in the office together, with the added benefit that you can get into the zone more easily when coding. Not having to travel is a huge plus given the roads today and the winters we have been having."

Sysnet has been careful to avoid total isolation with regular staff meetings and dinners or nights out make sure that things keep going smoothly.

"When we looked at the activities of the business we realised that there was no compelling need for us all to be sitting in the same place. The results have been great, projects have been delivered as per normal and staff moral and satisfaction is higher. Couple that with the time, cash and environmental savings and I don't know why more small companies don't try it." says Managing Director Peter Burtwistle.